I lay on the docks today, in the warm breeze, clothes rippling over my light skin, listening to ferries leaving the harbour. In a second hand store I found a copy of the Hobbit in such bad condition the pages come into my hands when I turn them. I'm reading it quickly, with care.
Got up late but still too early - sun has not come around the corner of the balcony. We're sitting in chairs with coffee and toasts. Woman across from our building pulls the shades up, fastens the curtains and opens her bedroom window. Open balcony doors everywhere. They've got the sun. I blast my favourite sixties playlist - I can't enjoy their sun but I can force Surf on them.
Repotted his plants in the sunshine. Took our bikes to the store. We made a silent promise to be better and bought nothing but greens and berries. Sunset dinner of home made sesame bread, oven mushrooms, onions and potatoes, sauce of feta and yoghurt, olives, seasoned olive oil to dip and wine. Then Game of Thrones. Blueberries and more wine. Better.
Want the beach under a house next to the ocean but there is no escape, only pause. But we go smoother in warmth.

saknar fota m dig Bea!!

Svar: ja same!!!!
Beatrice Almhagen

2017-05-22 | 17:35:55

wow <3

2017-05-23 | 20:24:44
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