January 14th

man i wrote like 500 words or something here yesterday before hurrying out in the night, didnt save it cus it usually saves itself as draft - apparently not anymore. wasnt too important or anything but i was planning on posting it so..........
anyway hello i'm writing a book at the moment and so's why i havent posted anything here in a while. well no actually it's cus i hate this website and i would switch platform and everything if i just cared enough. i've more or less exchanged photography for writing too - yeah, a book - written 27k words in november after signing up for nanowrimo. didnt finish but whatever - got rest of my life to do that.
pictures of alice from june last year, before she left for nicaragua.
so yep basically done with photography for now, but then yesterday was the first sunny day of the year i believe and i got the camera out anyway. this is niklas and he's, well, my boyfriend.
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