October 2015
ive seen a pretty movie so now i feel like ive got things to tell. it was belle epoque with young penelope cruz and jorge sanz (very cute). loving and free spirited family in 1930s spain whilst country is going republic. four very different sisters making the boy staying with them over the summer fall in love with them one at a time. father a painter now living alone in a big house on the countryside while mother is touring south america with her lover, and all is well. one sister newly widowed, one wants to be a boy, one a prima donna and heartbreaker, one a typical youngest sibling, witty and pretty, naïve and jealous of her sisters rumbles with pretty-boy. guess who he ends up with.
Victoria idag. Alltså min yngsta syster. Fikade på stadsbiblioteket och åt fucking godaste kokosbollen i mitt liv.
Satt hela fikat och tänkte på hur pretty hon är så när hon skulle gå bad jag om att bara få ta några bilder i parken bakom huset.

that hair, that eyes, that smile, that girl.

2016-03-13 | 14:46:16
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