May 31st, tuesday
last day of may; alone on my balcony, julio iglesias on vinyl inside, 10 pm yet sky is still a soft light blue. been pouring all day so air is moist and heavy with earthy fragrances. Lovisa's birthday. I just got home from stockholm spending the weekend with my cousin ingrid, her boyfriend tore, her best friend emma, and tore's roomie, dennis.
last night me, emma and dennis watched game of thrones and ended up with way too much lust for life to go to bed, and so went for a warm summer night walk, playing around the neighbourhood for hours. climbed the playground, sprinted a football field, made cartwheels, told stories. dennis told me the best and craziest stories from his childhood (i've just finished my lil black moleskin and was foolishly stranded without paper this perticular trip but those stories - he's just gold). emma picked flowers, dawn somehow just around the corner, and sure enough - back in the boys' flat was the emerging 3 AM sun, flowing in rows through the blinds, allowing me to read a few pages of dostoyevsky before passing out on their sofa.
pictures: introducing my flatmate alice - skater, adventurer, vegan master chef (instagram @vegangrool).
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