Maja Björsne - photographer/writer (her work's up at working for local website/paper, been online friends for years but didnt officially meet until recently. love meeting talented new friends though. met up early june on THE hottest day, took to each other immediately as presumed and spent better part of that afternoon taking no-pressure pictures of each other, sneaking around courtyards trying to find cool shady places. Chatted of photography of course and then summer adventures to come, travels, favourite authors ... excitedly.
Well this was almost two months ago, then what happened? Hung out again of course after said summer adventures, and just now she popped by my flat to borrow one of my lenses for a photography job. 'Im in town indefinitely - let's make our next meet-up a longer one" -- i agreed.

Så himla fina bilder :D

2016-07-29 | 21:27:28
Veronica Jonsson

Näst sista bilden är lajf! såsåså bra!!

Svar: TACK!
Beatrice Almhagen

2016-07-31 | 10:24:52
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