The best snapshot I've ever seen

"This is probably one of my favourite pictures ever... I shouted at the man who passed in front of me while I was hurrying to take the picture before the subway's doors closed behind me. But when I looked at it, I was takin by this shadowy figure, with a dark coat and a high collar... Dreaming incarnation of Sherlock, just in front of the two famous signs..."

Photo credit: Safronia.

I found this picture, with the story behind, and I just... it's brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. It looks like the picture's been arranged and I'm... amazed. Yeah. Let's add to the story that the photographer is one of my favourite twitter friends and fellow Sherlockians, and I know she'll find this. Därav engelskan. HELT OTROLIGT.
Cornelia Helleday

sv: Det är min vän Amanda på bilden så väskan tillhör henne och kommer från

2012-03-24 | 10:57:20


lust att göra ett bloglovin byte med mig? :-D


2012-03-24 | 16:42:57
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